Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to Hartswell, Georgia

My husband is a traveling photographer & last week was working in Hartswell, Georgia. We arrived on Wednesday evening & checked in at the BestWestern. The next morning we went sightseeing in their downtown. We went to the Holland House (I need to check my info to make sure that is correct), but it is an historical home there that houses the Chamber of Commerce & the towns historical musuem. We learned that Hartswell is named after a Revolutionary War heroine by the name of Nancy Hart. She was a spy & captured Torries that tried to take over her home. She was 6 feet tall with red hair & a freckled face. The musuem is free so stop in if you get a chance & with only 3 rooms to view it is a quick stop if you are in a hurry.

We also love antiques so we walked around the square looking for an antique store but did not see one. They also have a road right off the square (Depot Dr.) that has some interesting stores & restuarants. It looks like it used to be the old main street of the town. There is also an old train depot there, thus the name. Sorry that I do not have more details or photos but I did not know at the time that I would be blogging about this since I just started my blog yesterday. In the future I will have photos & detailed info.

We then went to Fletcher's, a local restuarant that serves a lunch buffet. It was not a huge variety but the food was fresh & really good, so I recommend you go there to eat.

It had snowed 5 to 6 inches the Sunday before we arrived & there was still snow on the ground, so my son, Noah, & my husband had snowball fights & Noah got to jump around in ankle deep snow. We then drove to Lake Hartwell at the Hart State Park, which is only maybe 5 miles from downtown Hartwell. The water is still a little low but it is very pretty there. They have cottages & campsites available for those who would like to stay at the lake.

My husband then went to work & Noah & I started our homeschool day in the hotel. We are home this week & speaking of homeschool I need to go & get prepared for the day, so I will chat more later. Thanks for reading our post!

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