Tuesday, May 12, 2009


If you are looking for a fun, educational trip for the 4th of July you should look into going to Gettysburg for the Civil War reenactment. We went last summer & had a great time! Our son loves Civil War history so we knew he would really enjoy it.

We sat in the bleacher seating right behind the Confederate line. They also have grandstand seating which is like stadium seating so you are not right down on the ground level. It has a better overall view of the fighting but the kids really liked being closer to the action.

These shots were taken from our seat in the bleachers...pack cotton balls to plug your ears!

N... made new friends with some other boys sitting close to us. As you can see he is all decked out in his Civil War attire. The hat is one of my husbands old golf hats but it looks great with the Confederate jacket. He purchased that in one of their numerous gift shops in town.

My sister-in-law had a friend who was a reenactor so we talked ourselves onto the wagon that transported them back & forth to the battle area.

What I found interesting is that they are always in character. They really do this for history's sake & not for the spectators. If no one showed up they would still have the battle...you just get the privilege of being there to see it.

The clothes they wear are as authentic to the era that they can get, so the men are wearing wool on a hot day just like the Civil War soldiers did.
I am going to do more than one post on Gettysburg so I don't have too many photos on one...so check the other posts on Gettysburg under Family Vacations.

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