Friday, May 8, 2009

Hotel Frustrations

As I posted earlier we found another hotel & finally settled in on Wednesday at the Best Western. Yesterday was a smoother day...lunch out with my husband & then when he went to work we did a full day of school in the hotel room. Then I checked my bank account online last night & the Econolodge has not removed the charge from my debit card yet. It is still pending so it may never actually be taken out of my account, but the fact that it has not been credited yet disturbs me. Not only is the full amount on there for the three nights we would have stayed, but there is a second charge for $62.00 for who knows what? So I am patiently waiting to see what happens. I am hoping all the pending items clear tonight before the weekend otherwise that deduction will be on there until Monday. At least if it goes through I can go over there tomorrow & confront them...otherwise I will have to deal with them by phone. The bad thing is if they refuse to remove the charge I can dispute it with my bank but it is a lot of paper work, getting forms notarized & it takes weeks to be taken I am hoping this clears itself up so I can quit worrying about it.

We had to change rooms at the Best Western this morning to a smoking room but at least the smell is not as bad as the Econolodge & it is just for one night. Unfortunately, all the smoking rooms are upstairs & there is NO elevator! How can you have a supposed 3 star hotel with no elevator? Up until now I have had no complaints about the hotel, but after dragging stuff up the stairs it has altered my view. Still a nice place to stay but make sure you ask for a first floor room if you ever stay here.

The smoke is still evident in the room so we stopped & bought some air freshener which helped. I am thinking though that I need to do it again because I am starting to smell the smoke again.

The hotel pool is not open yet because it is not summer officially, even though it hit 87 today. For an outdoor pool it is rather small. Most indoor pools in hotels are 5 ft. deep & not very big but most outdoor pools are usually a good size. Their outdoor pool is the size of an indoor pool & is 3 feet on each end & 5 feet in the middle! I have never seen a pool like that before, kind of odd. So if you are looking for a hotel with a great pool, this is not the place.

Wow, I think I am starting to sound can do that to you - HA! Just the stress of traveling can get to you sometimes. I am usually happy to be away from cooking & cleaning but some weeks I am ready for home, this is one of those weeks. I am just worried about that hotel bill....but I need to quit thinking about it. All in all I would give the Best Western 2 thumbs up. Nice hotel if you can get the first floor, good breakfast & great location. Small pool, no elevator & no exercise room are some of the minuses.

Opelika itself is a nice place to no complaints there.

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