Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Activities for Kids: Activity TV

If you have On Demand with your cable company you know that there are endless options of different things that are available to watch. Did you know that there is a channel called Activity TV? I didn't realize this until I got my most recent cable bill & they were advertising it on the envelope.

It said to go to Channel 1, "On Demand", & select Activity TV on the channel guide. When I did I couldn't find it so we checked the Kids channel & it was listed under that. They have instructions on different projects like how to make your own bird feeder, build sandcastles & airplanes.

We checked out their magic tricks where they show you the trick & then go over it step-by-step so you can learn how to do it. It was really cool & my son loved this...he was doing a couple of them by the end of the day. We also checked out the martial arts where they teach kids different moves & watched one of the Kite making segments. So there is a lot of things that you can do with your kids from the channel.

I then looked at the Kids section again & realized they have kids fitness shows where they put them through an exercise routine that is geared for kids. This is important if you homeschool & your child is not involved in an outside sport such as little league or martial art classes, etc. It gives you the opportunity to do your own version of PE class.

So if you are looking for activities that you can do at home check out your On Demand channels for great ideas to keep your kids busy this summer.

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