Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Musings

Time is ticking away on my friend clock. If you have not read my earlier posts, my best friend here is getting ready to move to the Philippines with her three children. Her oldest son is best friends with my son as well so it is going to be extremely difficult when they leave.

Saturday night we had a surprise going away dinner for her at Scalini's in Smyrna. She knew she was going out with 3 couples but when she arrived we had close to 25 of her closest friends there to wish her farewell. Of course I cried when I stood to give my thoughts...she held my hand the whole time.

My son spent the night with another friend of his that night. I need to get him connected with some other kids so that when they leave he will be able to still have that socialization. He already has other friends but there is a special bond with his friend that is leaving for the Philippines. The good thing is that they will be connected through the Internet. We both have accounts with Skype so we can talk via video for free (they already do that), plus they play interactive computer games together it will be a way to keep connected. We would like to visit them in the Philippines as well if we get the opportunity.

We are also keeping busy with family life, church, & he plays with friends in the neighborhood. If I feel the need I will join a homeschool group next school year to get him exposed to new kids. He makes friends easily & is really happy with just a few "true" friends...quality over quantity. Today we went on a bakery tour with some friends & my son went swimming with them this gave me the chance to come home & get some work done.

Well, speaking of friends we have a birthday dinner tonight that I need to get ready for. Check back for my other posts this week. I will be doing movie reviews, posting about a church event we are working at tomorrow night, more machine chart work, hopefully an arts & craft project with my friends baby, & we may be traveling later this week so we will have a hotel review & possibly museum reviews as well. Hope all of you have a great week & may God provide all of you with great friends to spend your time with.

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