Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Update

I hope everyone enjoyed your weekend! We had another busy one with friends & church. Saturday night we had dinner with my friend who is moving to the Philippines at the end of this month. She had an American couple who are missionaries to an orphanage there who were staying with her this weekend, so we met them & really enjoyed the evening. They have 2 daughters plus they have a Filipino boy that they are in the process of adopting. Our son ended up spending the night there, so they had a house full...7 kids & 4 adults (good times). My husband & I came home to a quiet house...not my favorite thing to do. I am going to be a terrible empty nester when the time comes!

I'm sure that most of you are probably done with school & are starting to enjoy your summer. This is our last week (officially) & Thursday will be our last day. I will continue to work with Noah throughout the summer on days where we have absolutely nothing else to explore.

My posts will continue in the summer even though the homeschooling is on vacation. I will continue to keep you informed of our life & family activities, as well as showing you some arts & craft projects to do with your family. So I hope all of you have a great week!

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