Saturday, October 17, 2009

Clean & Organize Your Home

Do you ever feel the sudden need to clean & organize your home?  Well, my mother came to visit for the last two of the reasons I have not posted recently.  I am ALWAYS behind on my house cleaning so I usually go into panic mode the week before company arrives & am so stressed while they are staying here to make sure everything stays in order.

This lead me to do a search online to find some sort of site that would make all my cleaning problems disappear...Ha!  I just wanted a simple weekly cleaning plan so that I could know what to do each day to keep my house in order. 

Now some of you may be organization freaks & have a perfect house.  Me...I'm a procrastinator because I am a perfectionist.  That may sound like an oxymoron but it is so true!  One day I had 3 hours to clean my house...should be enough time, right?  No!  I only cleaned two rooms...the kitchen & the downstairs half-bath.

My problem is that I start cleaning thinking I'm just going to do the necessary things, but then I see something that needs cleaning (in detail) & lose my focus on everything else.  Soon all my time is gone & the rest of the house has not even been touched...much less the laundry, meal planning, etc.   So I usually end up not doing it or going into panic mode when company is expected & clean non-stop for drive my family crazy!

So I started searching for someone out there who understood my focus problem & could teach me how to clean my house.  I found her!!!!  She is lovingly known as the FlyLady.  I am not kidding...I cleaned my whole house, using her techniques & guidance, in 90 minutes!  She also sends out an email each day to let you know what to do that day.  There is a quick clean of the whole house each week, some daily maintenance chores, & then one area of the house is detail cleaned each week.  They tell you what to do! It is so easy!

My house has been clean for three weeks now with MINIMAL clutter & all the laundry is done.  I am truly amazed that I could actually do it.  So if you are like me or just want to learn some more organizational tips visit her site at & sign up to receive her's free.   She also has a store where she sells cleaning tools to make your life easier plus they can be reused....great for greenies!

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