Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homeschool Day at Tennessee Aquarium

A few weeks ago we went to the Homeschool Day at the Tennessee Aquarium.  I have been so busy with my mom visiting from Florida & our activities in a new homeschool group, that I haven't had time to post much.  So now I finally get to tell you about our trip.

We arrived there in the morning around 10:30...the actual homeschool activities did not start until 11:00am.  We signed in & then our first stop was in the theatre they have there for the class on "How to Build A Jellyfish". 

The teacher was awesome & very good with kids.  She did a step-by-step demonstration, using the kids, on the different layers of the jellyfish body. Our son was chosen to be the eye of the jellyfish.  It was a cute live presentation & a good visual for the kids.

We also were able to buy tickets for the Behind the Scenes Tour.  They usually cost around $15 but the homeschool price was only $5 per person.   I think the favorite for the kids was when we were in the kitchen watching the workers prepare food for the animals.   Our guide pulled out some food they were keeping in the freezer & the item that got the best response was a freezer bag full of mice...and the frozen rat!  They use these to feed the snakes...gross!

The rest of the day we spent at leisure touring the aquarium on our own.  They had several demonstrations throughout the day...the favorite was the shark feeding time.  Unfortunately the sharks were not no feeding frenzy.

My favorite was the jellyfish exhibit.  They have all kinds of jellyfish that are just awesome!  They were so beautiful that they inspired me to buy a jellyfish paperweight from the gift shop. 

The Tennessee Aquarium will be holding another homeschool day in January so go to their website to check for the date.  They also hold homeschool classes during the year for students.  We live to far to participate...although I was really tempted to make the drive.  It is too late to sign up for classes this year but put it on your calendar for next year if you live in the area.

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  1. Such a lovely place. We love going to the aquarium. ♥ Sounds like you had a wonderful time too.