Friday, November 13, 2009


We finally received the H1N1 vaccine in our area so yesterday I took my son down to get his shot.  We arrived at the Health Dept. around 11am (to beat the rush), only to be told to come back at 1:00.  So we came home, ate lunch, & went back. 

We were one of the first ones there so we were able to get in right away.  They told me I could get a shot while I was there if I wanted, so I got my shot first before my son.  Now, he is 11 years old & has had shots before. However, he watched them give me mine & fear set in.  I guess it looked painful when actually it was the easiest shot I have had in a long time.

He tensed, he cried...the poor nurse was very patient but she couldn't even get close to his arm.  So she told us to go walk around & come back.  We walked out & found a quite place to sit & talk.  I told him that she was a really good nurse & all I felt was a slight pinch when it went in...after that, nothing.   I even told him we could go to Barnes & Nobles & pick up some books that he was wanting to get for his reading.

So he agreed & we went back in.  Unfortunately, fear struck again & after several attempts & coaxing we realized it was not going to happen.  My son was upset when we left & even stopped in the parking lot like he wanted to go back & try again.  I could tell he was disappointed in himself so my scolding him would not do any good.

I told him that we would check next week to see if they received any nasal vaccines, until then we have to hope he does not get sick.  Fortunately, being homeschooled he is not in a room every day with 25 kids who may be carrying the virus.

Hope all of you have better luck at getting your kids vaccinated.  If you haven't yet you can contact your local Health Dept.  We (or I) received our shots for free & did not have to show any insurance. 

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