Friday, November 19, 2010

A couple of weeks ago my husband was working in Blakely, Ga. and never having been to that area of Georgia I had to go. We arrived at the Days Inn, the only hotel in town besides some non-descript motels that the townspeople themselves would not recommend. Typical hotel room with intermittent wireless service, but as I said the only hotel for 35 miles.

Blakely is a charming but not necessarily picturesque small town. It has the downtown square which I love with the courthouse right in the middle. An old theatre is boarded up & not used....a shame. However, there are some cute antique stores & local restaurants on the square worth visiting.

We were advised by a local to eat at the Fourth Out which is a sports themed restaurant. When we went at lunch it was not very busy & the service was not overly friendly. They had typical hamburgers, hot dogs, etc (not the healthiest of choices) but also advertised a special each day.

The day we went they had the hamburger steak with mashed potatoes & another vegetable that I now cannot remember...hmmm. Anyway the hamburger steak was huge but not very hot & not much flavor. The mashed potatoes were very tasty with some garlic added in but again not hot. I am a coffee drinker so I was disappointed to receive little packets of dry powdered creamer with my drink. All in all I was not impressed with my meal.

After lunch we strolled the square & stopped in one of the antique stores to browse. I bought some old Christmas cookie cutters because they are so hard to find when you need them. The store clerk asked if we were passing through I said small place but friendly people.

As we strolled we passed by the Funny Girl Deli which had a specials board outside. It made me want to try them out, so the next day we went to eat lunch there. It is a sandwich/soup menu but varied enough that you can find something good.

I ordered the half turkey deli sandwich & soup of the day which was Loaded Potato soup. Great sandwich but the soup was awesome! My 12 year old son tried it & had to order some to go to eat later in our hotel room. It was "loaded" with big chunks of potato, butter, sour cream, chives, & cheese...all blended for a flavorful but delicate taste, not over the top.

The courthouse on the square was built in 1906 but apparently the original courthouse was built in not know if that was incorporated into the new one. Blakely also claims to be the "Peanut Capital of the World" & there is a peanut monument in front of the courthouse which was erected in 1954. Several counties in south Georgia make the same claim but it is safe to say that much of south Georgia is covered in peanut & cotton farms. Also at the courthouse is the last remaining wooden Confederate flagpole from 1861...I missed seeing that so not sure where it is located.

So if you are ever passing through Blakely, Georgia stop by the square & have lunch at the Funny Girl Deli, shop the antique stores, & have your photo taken in front of the peanut monument. For more info on things to do around Blakely I will be posting another blog soon on the Kolomoki Indian Mounds, so come back & check it out.


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