Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time Capsule

The other night, as most of you know, we had a lunar eclipse which will not happen again for another 84 years (not in my lifetime).   My niece who has just had a new baby wanted to know if anyone had taken a good photo of it, if so she wanted a copy.   The reason is she wanted to put it in her baby boy's keepsake album.

She is collecting all news worthy items that happen & putting them in an album so that when he gets older he can look back & see all the things that have happened in his lifetime.  A friend of hers said that she clips newspaper articles of events & is putting them in a container...making a time capsule for her child.

Why did I not do this for my son?  It is such a great idea!  My baby boy is now 12 years old & so many historic things have happened already in his lifetime...Columbine, Sept. llth, a black president, the list goes on & on. 

So if you haven't started a time capsule/album for your child maybe now, with the new year approaching, would be a good time.  If you haven't done one, check online or at the library for old articles & print them out to catch up any older children in your family.  Make comments about how you felt on that day at that time.  When they get older they can look back & appreciate their history...& your efforts.

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