Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nutrition Study: Testing Fat in Foods

We have been studying nutrition for part of our science & last week we did an experiment to test the fat content in foods.  My son was surprised at what foods had the highest fat content.  This is something fun & simple for your kids to do.

First get a brown paper bag & cut out 5 two inch squares.  Have your kids choose 5 different foods around the house that they would like to experiment with.  We chose mayo, peanut butter, canned chocolate icing, hot dog, & 1/3 less fat cream cheese.  You can also use cookies, cereal, yogurt....just whatever you have around the house.

Next cut or scoop out a marble size piece of the food you want to test.  Make sure you get the same amount for each food so you get a fair result.  Next rub the food on the brown paper for 20 seconds & then let it sit there for 2 hours.  My son had fun rubbing the chocolate icing & licking his fingers afterwards!

After 2 hours remove & scrape the food from the paper.  Some of your squares will be wet from the moisture so let the paper sit over night to dry.  The next day the paper will be dry but the grease or fat will have soaked into the paper.

 Let the kids make a hypothesis before the experiment on which foods will have the most fat & then see if they are correct.   My son was surprised that mayo & peanut butter had so much fat content & thought the hot dog would have the most.  Our results from most to least were mayo, peanut butter, canned chocolate icing, hot dog, & cream cheese (1/3 less fat). 

So try this at home with your, easy, & tasty all at the some time.

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