Saturday, March 28, 2009

Booth Western Art Musuem

After our visit to the Etowah Indian Mounds (read about it in my last blog), we drove to the Booth Western Art Museum which is only about 5 miles away in downtown Cartersville. Our home school group was greeted by the tour guides & then they broke us up into 2 different groups. The younger kids were taken to the basement which has a hands on activity area & they also did crafts. I went with my son in the older group to the Presidential Gallery which has portraits & information on all of the presidents (Obama has not been included yet). The kids were given sheets of questions about the presidents & they worked in teams going around the exhibit & finding the answers to the questions. It was fun for them plus they learned a lot from doing it that way.

Next we went & did a hands on question & answer session on Teddy Roosevelt & then the kids worked on the three branches of government. They were given pieces of paper with information & had to place it on a poster either under Legislative, Judicial or Executive. It was challenging but the museum volunteers were there to help those who needed it.

After our guided session we took the older kids to the basement to play (after all they still love make believe). Then we went through the art galleries at our own pace & of course hit the gift shop on the way out. So if you are looking for a field trip or just a day out with the family, check out the Booth Western Art Museum. They are closed on Mondays. For more info visit their website at

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