Saturday, March 28, 2009

Language Arts Activity

It is Saturday & I think I am finally catching up. Anyway, we have been working this past week on writing fables in our language arts course. We finally finished one which is quite an accomplishment for my son. I talk to a lot of home school mothers & it seems that boys have a harder time doing creative writing. When I gave him the assignment he based his fable on characters from Club Penguin (one of his favorite computer games). We had worked on writing plays last week so he wrote it out script style so we had to go back over it & change it to more story telling style, but once it was done he was proud of himself. I was just happy that he never complained through the whole thing!! Sometimes getting him to write is like pulling teeth.

Do any of you have trouble getting your kids to write, or does anyone have any tips to help those of us who have writing challenged children? Share your advice with us!

We also did a Language Arts activity where I had him make a diorama of a scene from his favorite story or book. He just finished reading one of the Star Wars book last week so that was his choice (no big surprise...he is a Star Wars fanatic!). So he got a box & painted the inside & also painted buildings in the background & set up some of his clone troopers to complete the scene. Since we do not have a dedicated Art course I like doing things like this with him to give him that time to be creative. We spend 4 days a week doing mostly book work, so on Fridays I like to do "Activity Day" with more hands on/interactive items that pertain to his studies.

If you have any special activities that you do with your kids pertaining to Language Arts let us know, we will be happy to share them. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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