Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Consequences of a One Income Family in this Economy

Well, today I am a little conflicted. I love being a stay at home mom & homeschooling our son...the downside is living on one income especially in this economy. My husband is a photographer & is paid on commission & needless to say photos are not a necessity for people. So we have been struggling with car payments (that we really could not afford in the first place) & have decided to let the van go back to the bank. It will probably be gone before tomorrow morning. I am sad & relieved at the same time. Next comes the ordeal of finding a cheapie vehicle until we can save money for a better one. Also we will still owe the bank money because I know they will not be able to sell it for what is owed on the loan. However, I am happy to be done with it & look forward to getting out of debt faster...like Dave Ramsay says, "Sell the car!!"

Is anyone else out there struggling like us or have you ever had your car repossessed? Tell us about the ways you are cutting back on expenses or the experiences you have had.

Today is my husband's birthday as well so we are going out for a birthday dinner with friends, poor guy...Happy Birthday honey, the car is being repossessed! Well, I need to run...hope everyone has a great day!


Well, it is Wednesday & the bank did not come for the van. They called this morning & are giving us more time...again! I have the feeling they don't want it either, so we will have to wait & see what happens.

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