Sunday, March 29, 2009

Backyard Gardening Ban

I have an Ebay store selling books, "The Book Cafe", if you want to take a look. Anyway, another seller that I "chat" with lives in South Carolina & said that the legislature there is trying to ban backyard gardening. If you are caught you will be fined & your garden destroyed. Has anyone heard of this? I live in Georgia right next door & this concerns me that they can do this.
We just recently started growing tomatoes & want to start growing more food to help with costs & to be able to eat healthier, organic food. We all need to check to see what our legislature is doing in our individual states. Last week I heard they were discussing banning home school here in Georgia....I think that is why the Georgia Virtual Academy was created. Great option for those who need it but takes away our right to choose a Bible based curriculum or any other.

If you have heard of these or any other absurd legislation being discussed let us know about it. Knowledge is power & we can learn from each other & contact our State leaders to voice our concerns.

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