Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday was a rough day. We started school late....about noon! My husband was home for the day & a friend of mine wanted to know if I wanted to take a roadtrip with her to Texas next week, so I became very distracted with all these things going on around me. About 2:00 I felt like quiting for the day but then I said, "No, this is my job & I need to treat it like one". So we worked until 5:30 & accomplished almost of our work for the day.

I then threw together a dinner of kielbasa sausage, canned white beans, a can of stewed tomatoes & mixed all together & served it over rice. Then I made a quick salad & dinner was served in about 30 minutes. Now I had never made this dish before because there is no such recipe! I just looked in my freezer & cupboard & that's what I had - LOL. Anyway, it turned out pretty good!

The reason I had to do a quick dinner is because my friend Tina, who is also a homeschool mom, was having a backyard campfire get together so we could all hang out. Then I found out it was a cookout & I didn't have to cook dinner at all! Oh well, all the other people who came ate so I didn't feel so bad. The kids had a great time roasting marshmallows & making Smores as well.

The great thing about homeschooling is time restraints. All of our friends at the cookout that had schooled children had to leave at a certain time because it was a school night. Even though we didn't stay late, only 10:00, it was nice knowing we didn't have to get our son to school by 8am this morning.

So that was our day yesterday. I will post later tonight our activities that we did today along with some photos. Thanks for viewing our blog!

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