Friday, March 13, 2009

Flower arrangements & more

In our homeschooling we use Fridays as activity day plus we catch up on any work that may have not been completed throughout the week. Today we had to do extra work on science, which was writing about State Flowers. We have been working on plants this section & talking about different kinds of flowers. So after our writing assignment the activity for "activity Friday" was putting together a floral arrangement.

Now I honestly thought my son would balk at this! He is so into Star Wars, pirates, Civil War...anything to do with fighting, so floral arrangement? Surprisingly he was all for it (I think anything is better than writing assignments for him).

So he put together a couple of vases for me & yes I will display them (for a couple of days anyway-shhh). After that he started working on carving a dugout (canoe...toy sized of course). We are studying about the different rain forests around the world & about their way of life. He didn't finish it today but when he does I will post that for you to see.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Remember to stop & smell the flowers, even if they are artificial.

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