Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Today our church had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at the park. Nothing says spring like Easter! It was a beautiful 70 degree day with the dogwoods blooming...very pretty. (I wish I had taken my camera but I forgot.) Everyone brought their own lunch & then the games began. We had Easter Egg hunts for all age groups from babies to adults. We had kids prizes & even the adults won prizes - I found an egg that had a $25 gift certificate to a salon, Yeah! My son won the prize for his age group...some sort of slingshot water blaster. We even had a "guess how many jelly beans in the jar" game....and I won! So all in all we had a very profitable day.

If you do not belong to a church check with your county recreation departments for special Easter activities. A lot of communities put on Easter Egg hunts, so pack up the kids, eat a picnic at the park & go hunt those eggs.

Let us know how you celebrate your Easter...egg hunts, decorations, food, etc. Thanks for visiting our blog.


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