Sunday, April 5, 2009

Help Your Child Learn to Spell

If you homeschool your children or have children in a private or public school setting, you know as a parent how important spelling is to your child's educational development. Unfortunately today, our kids are learning how to "text" using partial words & their spelling skills are diminishing. Even worse a lot of public schools have actually stopped teaching spelling.

If you read my first post you know that my son, who is in 5th grade, went back to public school this year. Halfway through the year he decided that he wanted to come back home. While he was there they never had one spelling test, instead they were busy getting the kids ready for the State testing (which gives the school their funding). One of those tests was writing an can you write if you can't spell? That really baffles me!

Needless to say, even if your children are schooled more & more responsibility is being passed on to the parents. So if you homeschool & are looking for a tool to teach your child spelling, or if your child is schooled & needs help in spelling, check out this site. It is & they have software available to help your child in spelling. They have a free demo available for you to check out as well.

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