Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ready for the Week

I sat down today & planned out my lessons for the week. It's nice to know what the curriculum expects him to accomplish & then I know where he stands in his progress. However, I have him do 1 hour in each subject plus 30 minutes of reading at the end of the day. I never let him know what my goal is for him to complete because I think he would just stop when he was done & piddle the rest of his time.

Last week he finished a lot more work than what was expected & never knew it. So I plan to do the same this week. However, if he does not finish what is expected then he has to do homework or extra work on the weekend (which has not happened yet).

One interesting activity that I have scheduled to do on Friday is to build a birdhouse. This will go along with our Science study of animals. So check back with us....we will have information on how to make a simple birdhouse for your yard along with photos of the project.

Hope all of you have a productive week with your homeschooling...Good night!

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