Sunday, April 12, 2009

Taash and the Jesters

Since I am a homeschool mom & choose not to work outside the home, I run a bookstore on Ebay called The Book Cafe. I have over 100 books & movies listed and try to read through my books before they sell. Some I choose not to finish & some I like to recommend.

One book that I would recommend for you or your children is Taash and the Jesters. It was written in 1963 & is along the same vein as Narnia. Here is a quick synopsis:

"The orphan Taash lived with the good witch Bargah, until he went down a forbidden path in the forest one day - and awoke on a desolate moor, where witches were dancing under a full moon, winding a charm to take control of an infant's mind. Horrified, Taash snatched the child from their midst, little knowing that his good deed would put him in the center of a deadly struggle between good and evil being waged over the throne of his country."

I am not good at adding links to my page but I think if you click on the title of this post above, it will take you to my Ebay store if you are interested in purchasing it. My copy is a First Edition & there is a complete discription of it in my store. This was written for juveniles & was a school library book at one point. I really enjoyed the book & think you will too. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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