Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Writing Reports

Well, I know all homeschool parents have days like the one I had today. You know, the one where you feel like you are pulling teeth to get your child to finish an assignment? Well, my sons weak spot is writing in any form...reports, creative, stories etc. So today he had to write a report on How Honeybees Make Honey.

I cringe when I see that a writing assignment has to be scheduled because I know it will be a bumpy day. I even almost gave in a let him slide on doing the research to help him along. Then I realized I am not doing him any favors if I do all the prep work for him, so he researched, took notes & compiled his report. Two hours later he had his report ready. Nice form but sentences did not flow well, he did not put things in his own words, but I have to say his handwriting was beautiful.

We went over all the flaws but made sure I praised him on the good points. I will probably end up getting him a course on writing composition to help him gain more skills. The ad at the top left of my page (Great Deals) have courses you can order specifically for Writing Composition so I plan on trying one of theirs to help him. If anyone has one they want to recommend let me know.

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