Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

I worked in the children's church yesterday & it was awesome! We had 30 kids...which is great for us. We are a small church of about 125 & we have a new pastor who is growing the church at a rapid pace. We had 30 new visitors yesterday & 7 salvations!

I arrived at 9am & we cooked breakfast for the kids...pancakes & bacon with juice. Our craft for the day was to decorate a treasure chest that each child will be presenting to his mother next week for Mother's Day. So it got quite messy with paint, markers, beads & jewels but it was fun. I then went back to church last night for singing practice for our all ladies praise team that will be singing next Sunday for Mother's Day service.

I still need to contact some TV stations today to set up some advertising for the church...hopefully just a couple of quick calls. I still need to get school done & we are going out of town Wednesday for exciting Opelika, Alabama! Just joking, have no clue what is there but we will explore it & report back to you as to what we find.

Well, I need to run...hubby has just finished cooking pancakes for breakfast. Two days in a row...such a sacrifice but I will eat them some how!

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