Sunday, May 10, 2009

Home from Opelika

Yesterday we checked out of the Best Western & N.... & I drove to Auburn which turned out to be only 3 miles. We went to see the movie "17 again" but had some time to kill before it started so we went to the mall which was right across the street. The mall was small & didn't take much time to see, but they did have a traveling dealer set up in the middle of the mall who sold vintage toys, comic books, coins, etc. N.... spotted the Star War items & headed for them.

If you don't have a 10 year old son you may not be aware....but Star Wars is big right now! Of course the original Star Wars came out when I was in college (yes I know that was in the 70's & I have a 10 year old now)....what can I say I started late! Anyway, they have a cartoon series now called Star Wars the Clone Wars...I think that's the name. So a lot of young boys are now becoming fans just like their parents & grandparents.

Noah collects Clone Troopers & anything Star Wars & he found a flying vehicle with the sounds & lights for $10.00! The guy gave him a good deal because the box was bent, it usually sells for $30.00 or more....if you can find it.

We then went to the movie, ate lunch at Zaxby's afterwards (if you haven't been lately they have a new chicken salad called Zensation that is awesome), & then went to a thrift store that was within walking distance. I found some books & then we left to pick up my husband from work. After packing up the studio we headed home to Georgia. We gained an hour coming back due to the time zone difference so we arrived home around 10:30pm.

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