Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday in Opelika

My husband had to be at work by 9am this morning so we got up & took him to work then came back to the hotel. I tried to get a late checkout but they are busy with the Auburn graduation & could not grant us the extra time, so we will check out at noon.

I do not have to pick my husband up for work until 5pm so N.... & I are going to Auburn to see the movie "17 again", then we will eat lunch & hang out at the mall until 4:30 or so & then come back to Opelika. We will then pack up my husband's studio & drive back home tonight. We should be home around 9pm...yeah!

Oh I forgot to say that I think the Econolodge has cleared the debit from my account...will not be absolutely sure until Monday. The online banking is weird until things finally clear, because my Best Western debit is not showing up either & has not cleared yet so it is not in the pending section either...keeping my fingers crossed. I am hopeful that the Econolodge debit will not be put back on...praying!

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