Friday, May 22, 2009

Movies to See on Memorial Day Weekend

Well, our camping trip got rained out this weekend so we are staying home. I thought about doing school today but we were already in this vacation state of mind & just...skipped it. My husband had the day off so we met some of our friends & went to see Night at the Museum (Battle of the Smithsonian). We enjoyed it, like the first one, although I think the first one was better. There was one word that could have been left out & some "underworld" creatures, other than that I would recommend this as a good family movie.

So enjoy your weekend & remember the reason for the holiday which is to recognize our veterans & military. I will remember my dad who is no longer here. WWII veteran who was a POW in Germany & also wounded more than once in Korea. Thank all of you that serve our country!

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