Thursday, May 21, 2009

Science Project: Study of Machines

Next week we will start our study of simple & complex machines. Today we made a chart to get ready to record our scientific observations. This is just the beginning of the chart & will be filled in as we go. So check back next week to see our progress & view the study of machines that you can do with your children.

First get a poster board in any color. Next turn it sideways and 10 cm from the top draw a line all the way across.

Next divide the board into seven sections (see photo). Our board was 28 in. across so our columns were 4in. in width. Do the whole thing in pencil first & then go over the lines in black marker.

Your finished chart should look like this. Again this is just the beginning, join us next week as we study machines & add to the chart, & use this study with your kids.

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