Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ocean Box

Last year we did an in depth study for science on ocean life. As we finished studying each classification we made a creature from that category out of modeling clay for an ocean box. We first took a cardboard box & wrapped the inside with blue construction paper for our water.
We then made our creatures from white modeling clay & then painted them with acrylic craft paints.
We hung our swimming creatures from craft wire...you can get this from Michael's or any craft store. The wire is usually used for stringing beads, etc., but it works really well for this since it is thin, flexible & cuts easily with scissors.

We made whales, a hammerhead shark, squid (with fish in tentacles), manatee, manta ray, a school of small fish (hot glued to back wall) sea turtle, sea snake, lobster, crab, octopus, clams, a sea urchin (made from a ball of clay & toothpicks) & the jelly fish (plastic wrap hanging down from top). We had a lot of fun with this project & it is something that even small children can do.

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