Thursday, June 4, 2009

Research Local History

A fun activity to do with your family is to research the history of the county that you live in. It is mostly free to do or you may pay a nominal fee to visit your local historical museum. Where we live our museum is $2.00 for adults & $1.00 for kids, so check out your area to see what is available to you.
We had three Civil War battles where we live: Dallas, New Hope, & the biggest one which was Pickett's Mill. We have old gold mines & today I discovered we also had copper mines that shut down in the early 1900's. We drove the Cherokee out of our area west along "The Trail of Tears".
Also one of our hidden treasures is a waterfall. Most people that live here have no idea it exists. We heard about it when we first moved here 11 years ago & saw old photos at the museum that showed tourists coming to visit the falls. Still it was elusive...we could never find it. We traveled little 2 lane country roads only to find dead ends...or nothing at all.
Finally my husband figured out where it was & took my son & one of his friends today to see it. It is still elusive, most people have no idea it is here. So if you ever visit Paulding County in Georgia, ask someone about the waterfall & see what kind of response you get. If you want to know where it is just ask me...until then it is a secret!

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