Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Take Your Family Out to the Ball Game

If you are looking for a fun family activity this summer, try going to a Minor League Baseball game. They cost less than a Major game, you are close to the field, & they have fun activities in between the whole experience is great for kids.

Tonight we drove to Rome, Georgia to watch the "Braves" play. We paid $3.00 for parking & then sat right behind the dugout for $8.00 per seat. Their most expensive is $10.00 for box seats & the least expensive is $4.00 for field seats. We could see the concessions & bathrooms from where we were seated so it was close to everything plus it was not crowded so the kids could walk around a little or stand up if they needed to stretch without disturbing anyone.

In between innings there was always some fun family activity going on. They had contests, trivia games, threw out hotdogs into the stands, & another inning threw ice cream sandwiches it kept the kids entertained.

It was about a 40 mile drive to Rome for us but worth the trip for a great night out. So if you are looking for a fun family activity this summer, drive to your nearest Minor League town & enjoy a game. No fighting crowds or traffic, & being friendly to your wallet makes this a great choice.

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