Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free Movies

Tuesday & Thursdays at 10am are free movies at our local theatre, plus you get a free popcorn or drink for each can of food you bring in to feed the hungry. This past Tuesday we went to see "Igor"...couldn't remember the movie when it originally came out so we weren't sure what it was about.

Some of my friends met me there with their kids but I have to say that none of us were impressed with the movie. The kids didn't even like it, some of the younger ones never laughed at all because the humor was geared for adults. I hate when they do that! When will Hollywood get it that if the kids enjoy it, the parents enjoy it.

After the movie we went to Buffalo's Southwest Cafe for the kids eat free day, so the only thing we had to pay for was our adult lunch. They have several lunches for $6.00 & under so we all had a great day for little money.

So if you are looking for free & economical ways to entertain your kids this summer, check out your local movie theatre for free summer movies.

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