Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cards, Coffee, & Cheesecake!

Yesterday I met with some of my mom friends for cards, coffee, & cheesecake! I brought my son to play with their kids & we settled in for our game of Hand & Foot. I am a slightly competitive person...I play to win, no mercy! So I was happy when I won the day, however once the game is over so is the competition & I am back to friend mode. Even if I lose I am bummed for just a second. The main thing was to get together with my friends, have some slightly intelligent adult conversation & let the kids play.

So if the summertime finds you & your kids bored with nothing to do, call your other mom friends & invite them over for a coffee & game day. Put out some games that the kids can do on their own or settle them down with a movie, drinks & pop corn. That way you get your adult time while they keep themselves entertained.

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  1. Nice idea.

    Hope you're having a tremendous Thursday.