Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Picnic at the Park

Sunday night a friend called me to invite me to go walking at the park with her & some of my other friends Monday morning. They were bringing the kids, along with her husband, & were also planning a picnic lunch.

I always love the opportunity of getting in some exercise & fun with friends at the same time, so we of course went. My husband had the day off & was able to go as well, so we met them at the park at 10:30. Our park has a walking trail which is a little over a mile long, so we walked it with our kids. Then we wanted to do another lap so we left the kids, who definitely did not want to walk again, with my friends older teenager at the playground.

After our walk we found a picnic table in the shade & pulled out our picnic lunches. It was great to sit & relax with my friends who are all awesome people. If you have read my earlier posts you know that my best friend just moved to the Philippines to help with an orphanage there, so I have been down in the dumps a little. This definitely helped me to feel connected again.

So if you need a pick me up, call your friends to meet you at the park for a walk & picnic lunch. It is a great free way to spend time with your friends & get in some exercise as well.

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