Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday for my 11 Year Old

Last day of summer!! I am a little sad but in reality I am ready for school to start. These last weeks have been long & drawn out like the school year just would not get view, not my son's.

My son's birthday was last weekend & he is at the age (11 now) that I don't have to come up with the theme birthday with party games, etc. We did not even order a birthday cake because my son & most of the kids hate that kind of icing. So we just bought a chocolate cake & threw some candles on it. We had salad, sandwiches, hot wings, & chips for dinner along with some ice cream & the cake for dessert.

This was a sleep over party so the boys played outside until dark & then I pulled out some board games. They decided that they wanted to make their own game so I supplied cardboard & art supplies. They sat for hours drawing & making a game...they named it "World Attack". They played until bedtime & had the most fun with that.

Six of his friends came to the party but only four of them spent the night. Monday morning another friend of ours met us with another boy & we all went to the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia. We had been earlier this year but none his friends had been so it was exciting & fun for them. We had a great time & was able to give him a memorable birthday.

I had looked at venues for the party but everything was too expensive & the museum did not offer any type of birthday event, so I just did it myself. It was less expensive than doing a planned event & granted we didn't get the behind the scenes stuff, but that was OK...the boys had a great time!

So if you can't find an affordable birthday venue...just do it yourself!

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