Thursday, August 20, 2009

Atlanta Braves' Homeschool Day

The Atlanta Braves had their 2nd annual Homeschool Day this past Monday & since my husband had the day off we decided to go. We ordered our tickets ahead of time & the special price for the homeschool tickets was either $6.00 or $11.00 seats (normally run in the $30 range).
Along with the discounted price was a meet & greet before the game with one of the Brave's pitchers by the name of Logan. He answered several questions for the kids but I have to say they should have picked another player for a homeschool group. He is a young, single guy who has no experience with kids. When asked his favorite city he said Chicago because it had a lot to do & good nightlife (do kids even know what that is?). When asked his favorite TV show....2 1/2 Men (need I say more). Funny show but nothing the kids could relate to, I mean I have a middle schooler & he is not allowed to watch that show.
The kicker however was when he was asked what the name of his high school was (in Texas) & who it was named after. The name of his high school was Sandra Day O'Connor High School, but he had no clue who she was...said "she must be somebody important". I leaned over to my son & said "he should have been homeschooled".
The kids did get to have pictures taken with the team mascot "Homer". My son was not so excited about that because next to Homer was "Dora the Explorer", & for a tween-age boy that was not so cool. Homer actually grabbed him for the pictures & held onto him so he wouldn't run was funny.

After the meet & greet the homeschoolers walked in a parade on the warning track down on the field before the game started. It was nice to get right down on the field & get a perspective that you usually do not see. As we walked off the field we were greeted by John Oxendine who is running for governor of the State of Georgia. He was there to let us know that he supports homeschooling.

After the parade we went to the play area that is sponsored by Cartoon Network. It was a neat building with some hands on things for the kids to do. My son enjoyed the baseball throw & they also had computers set up for computer games...his favorite.
We then went into the game & watched for a couple of innings. It started getting hot so we went to the museum that they have there at Turner Field. This was free for the homeschoolers & they had a lot of Braves history there. We then went back to the game, but my son was more interested in the computer games so we left my husband watching the game & we went back to the Cartoon Network area.

We rejoined my husband around the 5th inning & it was much cooler by that time so we enjoyed watching the rest of the game with him. My son is not a huge sports fan but he got into it & even joined in the wave.

All in all it was a great day & a good value for the cost of the ticket. However, we did not know that we could bring in coolers for drinks & food. We were stuck buying food there & at $4.50 for just a bottle of water it turned out to be an expensive day. So if you happen to go to a Homeschool Day at your local ballpark, check to see if you can bring in your own refreshments.

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