Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Make Your Own Catapult

Today for science I wanted to do an activity to finish off our study of machines. So I looked at putting together models of complex machines (cars, planes, etc.), or at putting together our own working machine...the catapult.
We decided on a catapult that was easy to put together & only required items that we could find around the house. Any project that doesn't cost money is fine by me! So I found a design that uses office supplies & within 30 minutes we had a working catapult.
All you need for this are pencils, rubber bands, tape & a bottle cap (from bottled water). For more information on how to make this & other cool projects, go to
From their homepage look on the left hand side under "Projects" & you will see a link for "Make a catapult".


  1. This is a cool site. I really like the catapult. I will try making it with my kids. Thanks.

  2. Whoooaaa... cool ideas, Kim. I will sure glad when I find your ideas. Worth to try when I educate children in my area... Nice !

    I still re-arrange my blog. Still encourage people to read your blog ...