Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Machine Chart: Complex Machines

We have now completed our "Machine Chart" of simple machines. The last column however is for Complex Machines. Complex machines are simply any machine with two or more simple machines combined.

They do not have to be big to be complex. For example, the axe is a complex machine because the handle works as a lever & the cutting edge is a wedge. So the two simple machines working together make this a complex machine.

There are many complex machines around you that are used in your home & yard. Some examples are the lawn mower, washing machine, & vacuum cleaner. They are also used in your community: like machines in factories used to make things or the trucks that carry food to the grocery store.

In your final column on your chart list a variety of complex machines. Look all around you to find as many as you can. Think of forms of transportation, what keeps your house cool in the summer or warm in the winter, & what machines are used on a construction site, etc. While you are searching for complex machines, keep your eyes open for more simple machines that you may have missed & add them to your other columns.

This ends our "Machine Chart" project. I hope you learned about machines & how useful they are!

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