Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Years Tradition

 A mom in my homeschool group told us about their New Years tradition which I thought was pretty cool, so I just have to share it.  Every year they write prayers on strips of cloth & tie them to a tree in the front yard.  At the end of the year they take them down to put up the new prayers. 

At the end of last year our area (Georgia) had been in a drought for several years & we were under water restrictions to the point where we did not flush our toilets unless we HAD to.  We shared bath water...anything to conserve.

So as they went through the prayers that they removed from the tree, she noticed one of her children had prayed for rain.  Boy was that prayer answered!  We had the heaviest rainfall & worst flooding in our county in 500 years!  So even though it was devestating in many areas, it was what we needed & was an answer to prayer that I'm sure many of us had prayed.

How often do we pray only to forget a week from now that we had even prayed that prayer?  How often does God answer us & we don't even realize it?  Maybe we should all take the time in some form to write our prayers down.  I think when we look back on them we will realize how mighty our God is & that He does indeed answer.

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