Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Study Unit

Don't Miss Amanda Bennett's Popular Easter Unit Study

Easter Unit Study by Amanda Bennett

Christians celebrate the heart of their faith during Easter, and this four-week study has been written to help parents and teachers share this important concept with their children. As we celebrate this season, we have the perfect opportunity to instill a better understanding of our faith and the reason for our joy at Easter.

The holidays of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter or Resurrection Day are included in the study, as well as the events leading up to Jesus' ascension to Heaven. The study includes the people and places involved, helping your students investigate and understand these events, as well as their history and meaning.

Of all of the people and history that I would like for children to understand and remember, it is the life of Jesus and His sacrifice that is most important. There is nothing as important as this throughout all time.

EASTER is structured as a four-week study, spending each week on key features, with lesson plans for each day of the study. There are reading and writing assignments (Read and Discover), spelling and vocabulary words (Words of Wisdom), and biography and geography studies (People and Places to Know). Favorite books and Internet sites are included in the lesson plans as well as a large resource collection of Internet sites for each week of study. Each day's lesson plan has been written in two levels. There is a daily lesson plan for Elementary Grades, and one for Junior/Senior High Grades. 109 pages, printable for your family's use.

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