Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Georgia Snowstorm 2011

We live in Georgia & have been stuck in the snowstorm that has swept the Southeast.  Since we homeschool we have the option of doing school, however we have chosen to take the time off along with the public school system.  My son has a lot of schooled friends & his friends in the neighborhood are out playing in the snow, sledding, etc.  My husband is also home, his work has been cancelled until Thursday, so it only made sense to put away the books & enjoy some time off.

We bought our son a skateboard for Christmas.  If I had known we were going to be inundated with snow we would have opted for a  Pelican Space Scooter Snowboard...LOL!

The good thing about homeschooling is that you can be flexible with your schedule & roll with the punches so to speak.  If you need help setting up a schedule check out How To Develop Homeschool SchedulesI have friends who homeschool that are moving forward with their studies.  That is the great thing about homeschooling, you can adjust it to your own personal situation. 

Here are some photos I thought you might enjoy!
Not frozen enough for ice skating...good thing since we don't have any skates!


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