Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Skateboard

We purchased a skateboard for my son this past Christmas along with a helmet.  He had outgrown a smaller one that he had as a little boy when he was just learning how to ride in the driveway.   He had been borrowing our neighbors & has learned how to ride really well.  We have a steep hill in front of our house & he goes down that at a quick speed & it takes him quite a distance down the street. 

The skateboard we got for him is a Tony Hawk Huckjam Series & it is really cool...nice green color on the bottom.  Besides looking good it is big & the surface of the board is really rough (almost
 like sandpaper), so it grips the shoes really well.

As you can tell this post is not really about skateboards (all my vast knowledge showing through...LOL).  It is about what happens when they fall off.  As a mom that is what is more important to me.   

My son never falls on his board (or I have no evidence of it) but last week he came limping in the house.  His friend had cut in front of him on a bike while he was riding down the hill on his board.  He tried to go around but to no avail & instead tried to jump off the board.  Going at a high rate of speed caused him to lose his footing & he went tumbling down the road.

My main concern was his knee.  His jeans had ripped & skin (about the size of an orange) had been removed & was bleeding.  As I was doctoring his knee he told me he was glad that he had his helmet on because his head hit the pavement several times as he was rolling.  Well, that got my attention! (Do you have a many fingers am I holding up?  LOL)

I realized I really didn't know the signs of a concussion & did some research.  I found information on concussions in children & was assured that mild concussions are common in children & are not serious.  He wanted to go skateboarding again the next day but I made him sit it out, more for his knee than anything else.

I was happy to see that he was wanting to "get back on the horse" so to speak.  I am also happy that I am OK with it.  I have learned that I have to let him loose to explore & try new things even if they are slightly dangerous.  He actually is a very cautious child & is aware of his limitations, but still willing to push the envelope to see what he can do.   He willing wears a helmet but not knee pads....I can live with that.

If you need to get your child a helmet check out Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet (Black Gloss), it gets high marks from people who have purchased it.

So teach your children to be cautious but not afraid.  To go for it as long as they have prepared for it.  To know their limitations, not to limit them, but so that they can stretch just a little past reach a little further.   

For more information on concussions in children, go to

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