Friday, April 17, 2009


Another week has come to a close. We started the week behind because we had outside obligations on Monday & did not do school. So we really hustled the last 3 days & did 4 days worth of work & even more in some subjects to get ahead.

Friday is our activity day & today he had to write a report on an Arctic or Antarctic animal to go along with our study of these regions. He chose the penguin...he is really into those right now. One of his favorite sites on the web is Disney's Club Penguin. He & his friends get on at the same time & can play together interactively...pretty cool. I was just happy that he did it with no complaining & he did a beautiful 2 page report.

The rest of our day is working in the family business. I have a bookstore on Ebay & he will be helping me with shipping today along with some other things. We also will have to do some errands this afternoon.

Tonight we plan on going to a friends house for a swap meet. That is where you bring 2 items that you do not want anymore from your home, wrap them so no one can see what it is, & then auction them off. (We use play money of course.) It is fun because you never know what you are bidding on.

Well, I need to run! Thanks for visiting our blog.

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