Monday, April 27, 2009

Shriner's Circus

Saturday a friend of mine called me because she had free tickets to the circus. Of course I could not refuse anything free! So we packed up 5 kids & arrived at 11:00 am. The circus did not start until 1pm but it was set up at a fairgrounds with a carnival going on, so we took the kids for rides & games (my friend had free ride tickets as well...yeah!) The only bad thing was it was so hot! We have had beautiful spring weather but Saturday the temps got into the upper 80's, our hottest day of the year so far. No breeze & the carnival was set up on asphalt not grass. Did I mention it was free? I can't complain!

We ate lunch before the circus started & took a break. The food prices weren't bad but the drinks were pricey, so we stuck with water which is what we really needed anyway.

The first event at the circus was this guy who walked on the outside of this cage thing (see photo), & it went way up in the air. I have a fear of heights so this really bothered me, plus he had no net. He kept doing more & more dangerous stunts....juggling...jump roping...blind folded! This contraption he was on moved the whole time like a swinging pendulum so it would bring him down & then back up. He fell a couple of times but caught himself. I ventured one photo but couldn't watch the rest.

Then there were the clowns, elephants, horses, acrobats, etc. They did have a flying trapeze act...I forgot to take photos of them, mesmerized I guess. They did have a net which was good because they fell twice.

Then there were the tight rope net again!! One guy fell while he was jumping rope but caught himself & was dangling. He was able to pull himself back up & continued to jump rope. Crazy!! Did I mention I have a fear of heights?
The grand finale was a 67 year old man being shot out of a cannon. He did a great job! I got a photo of him flying through the air but he is going so fast he is just a blur so I am not going to post it. Was hoping it would come out better.
After the circus we went back out to the carnival for more rides & games. So in spite of the heat we had a great day! So the next time the circus comes to town, pack up your family & go see the show!!

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