Friday, May 1, 2009


I love Fridays because it is the day we focus more on activities & discussions rather than book work. We actually did have to work on Language Arts to catch up what he did not finish during the week & we also did Math work, but just about 30 minutes worth.

For History/Geography we discussed fishing practices in Peru & discussed the Incan Empire (can you guess we are studying Peru?). We learned that Francisco Pizarro was the Viceroy for Spain in Peru. We had studied him last year in our Early Explorers course.

For Science we have been studying ecology & environments. We have been working on food chains this week learning about the producers (plants), consumers (animals), & the decomposers (worms & different insects). Since ants work as decomposers, because they break down dead plants & animals, I had planned on going outside today to observe an ant hill & take notes about what we saw. However, it was a rainy day so we are going to save that for another time.

I really thought we would have a quite weekend at home but N... played with our neighbors & then a friend of mine from church called to see if her son could come here to spend the night. So of course I said sure & there went my quite night at home. I don't mind, it is better than having a bored kid with nothing to do!!

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