Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Farewell to Friends

We came home from Warner Robins, Georgia last Wednesday morning & stopped in to visit my friends that were moving to the Philippines. They were in the midst of boxes & packing so we stayed only about an hour to let the kids play together one last time. I have cried so many times over the fact that they are moving that on this day I was relatively calm & matter of fact about the whole thing. I don't know if matter of fact is the right term...more resigned to the fact of their leaving.

My friend & I love each other like we were sisters so I know that I will see her again. People always marveled at our friendship & others who didn't know us assumed we had known each other a lifetime. In reality it has been less than 2 years that I have known this family but feel just as close to them as if they were part of my own.

Also my friend is in her 30's & I in my early 50's. I honestly always wondered why she chose me to be her close friend out of all the others around her, she is such a kind person who everybody adored. All I know is that I am thankful she & her family were in our lives.

Not only was she my best friend here, but her son was my son's best friend & her husband is my husbands best friend. We vacationed together, celebrated birthdays together, & did outings was the perfect fit.

God has called her to the Philippines to run a business that will give much of its profit to an orphanage there. She is Filipino herself & wants to teach the people there to support the orphanage instead of staying in the mindset that Americans will do all the work. I know that God will use her in a great way.

She has taken her kids with her but her husband, Rick, is staying behind for awhile to tie up loose ends & may remain here for as much as one year with some commuting in between. They left last Thursday morning to go to Illinois to visit family before they leave & then they flew out of Missouri yesterday.

They brought their dog over last Wednesday night for us to babysit until the husband can return back to Georgia. The dog is awesome! He is a mix with half being great dane & his name is Hercules. He is so well behaved that we don't even use a leash when we take him out in the yard because he does everything he is told. Rick will be coming back in the next few days to pick him up...I will miss him, but my cat won't. They don't fight but they definitely are not friends. Hercules is afraid of Tigger, so funny!

So farewell to my friends who are now half way around the world. We love & miss you...but will see you again one day.

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