Thursday, July 2, 2009

Museum of Aviation

Tuesday we visited the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia. Our son knew we were taking him to a museum but had no clue what it was like. As we drove up on the street out front he saw the huge planes outside & said, "Whoa". He didn't realize that was the museum & as we turned in he said, "We're going here?" He was excited to get out & explore. The first thing you see is the stealth bomber outside the main building.
This plane is can see Noah standing under it here.

We then walked over to the B52 bomber. The stealth was big but the wings on the B52 were amazing. The wing span on this plane is wider than the length of the plane. A whopping 185 feet in width...almost the height of a 19 story building. The tips of the wings have their own landing gear with wheels to help land the plane.

After looking at this we went inside the first building. There are four hanger style buildings with more planes, helicopters, artifacts & information on aviation military history. My son enjoyed watching some of the documentaries on WWII.

Some of the highlighted exhibits are: "Down to Earth" in the WWII exhibit hangar, Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame, America's Black Eagles: The Tuskegee pioneers and beyond, The Robert L. Scott Jr. Story: "God is my co-pilot", Robins AFB & WWII Commemorative, 483rd Bombardment Group, & The Korean War: The Forgotten War.

I think we could have stayed there for a long time but we had a time budget since my husband had to be at work in the mid-afternoon. We breezed through the four buildings & still spent over 2 hours there, so if you go plan on spending at least 4 hours. They have a theatre as well in the WWII exhibit hangar which has a nominal fee, otherwise the museum itself is free of charge. There are also picnic shelters out front which will accommodate large groups, so pack your lunch & enjoy the day with your family.

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