Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sleep Inn...Macon, Georgia

Friday we went to Lizella, Georgia which is about 6 miles outside of Macon. We have been down in the Macon area for the last three weeks & this should be it for awhile. Lizella itself is not really a town but more a community, not even a bank or gas station....nothing but peace & beauty.

So needless to say our hotel was in Macon itself. This past week we stayed at the Sleep Inn off the Zebulon exit of I-475. This is a nice area of Macon with plenty of shopping, dining & movie theatres.

We had stayed there before so I was familiar with the hotel. I noticed when I made the reservation online that the hotel was now 100% smoke free. If you have read any of my earlier posts you know that I hate smoking rooms! So it was a pleasure to not have to worry about that. They have also gone green with some of their procedures...they give you the opportunity to use your towels more than once & will only change your sheets at your request. That way they save on water, detergent & energy.

The room we stayed in had been updated since the last time we were there. New contemporary, bistro style furniture, carpet & drapes plus they had a new 32" LCD flat screen TV. So it was nice & for the money you couldn't beat the value. Macon can be pricey but with my husbands corporate discount we were able to get it for under $50.00 a night! Without the discount it was still a good value around the $60.00 range.

This hotel as with most Sleep Inns, was an interior corridor & they had an indoor pool. The pool is very small even for an indoor pool & is not heated. My son got in for a few minutes but he could never get used to it so he got out. So if you are looking for a hotel with a great pool this is definitely not the one for you.

The other thing I don't like about Sleep Inn, & this is true for all of them that I have stayed at, is their bathroom area. The sink area is small & is part of the room. The toilet & shower are separate in a small area, there is no bathtub. I myself like taking baths & I know if you have kids that is usually the preferred method for them. However, if you like showers this is a nice big one.

The staff of the hotel were friendly although not personable...there is a difference. I was able to check in early & asked for a late check out the next day, so I was given an extra hour & planned on doing my checkout at noon. At 10:56 the maid & front desk clerk (the same one who gave me the extra hour) came knocking on my door to see if I was checking out or staying an extra day. I reminded her that I was given the extra hour & she then remembered & everything was fine. However, stuff like that bothers me...I just don't understand how they can't make a note somewhere on your reservation.

All in all though it was a pleasant stay. The updated rooms with a 100% smoke free policy were a plus. The lack of a bathtub & small pool were a minus. Hotel service was good but not great & the breakfast was OK but not spectacular. The price & location are great! So if you don't need a pool or bathtub I would give this a thumbs up.

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