Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday again & gearing up for a busy weekend. We are going out of town in the morning for Macon, Georgia. My husband is actually working in Lizella but it is too small of a town for a hotel, so Macon is close by. I plan on visiting their science museum on this trip so check back for information & photos on that.

I spoke with my friend, who left for the Philippines, last night. She had been traveling over 24 hours so far & was sitting in the Hong Kong airport. They had WiFi connections in the terminal so she called me using Skype. It allows you to see & hear the person via video on your computer, so she moved her computer around so I could see the airport & then I looked out the terminal windows to see Hong Kong. It is a 12 hour time difference there, 8pm here was 8am there...a day ahead. My son told them that they were in the future...funny.

They left Hong Kong shortly after that & boarded the plane for a 4 hour flight to the Philippines. The whole trip was about 30 hours flying & lay overs in airports with no place to sleep. She traveled alone with 3 kids so I know that she was happy to arrive. They got there around 2:30am today...yeah.

Well, I hope all of you have a great weekend! Check back for information on our trip.

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